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About Me

Name: Kate Yancey

Lightstar Ranger color: Green

Age: 20

Other stuff you should know about me: I am a TKR2 operative(I play Diana), I love collecting personalized stuff with my fave actors' names on it(as my little necklace comment on the Black Ranger page will attest), and I love animals as the picture here will tell you). I also have the most annoying little sister named Andrea and if she doesn't quit bugging me I'll wring her scrawny little nine-year-old neck!

My list of TKR2 links

The site that started everything: Has the four part pilot episode and everything
Athena's page: Diana's car wanted her own page so here it is
Ben's page: He plays Jake
Kennis' page: She plays stuntwoman Cindy Rhodes
Official Team Knight Rider series Site: This is the site that gave us the idea for this

My List of Power Rangers in Space links

Krissy's Page
Friend of mine who lives near me...this is her page
The Carlos Corner
My favoritest Ranger on the planet right now

This Ring of the Rangers Site Belongs To: Kate Yancey
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