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Diana looked around as what seemed like a million Quantrons appeared out of nowhere. "Ack!" she squeaked, then went to work.
TJ deposited Erica next to Athena then went to help Diana out. "Need some help?" he asked. Diana said, "Duh!" as she kicked a Quantron in the head. Then she yelled, "You guys hold them off I'm going for computer chip lady over there!" She pointed at Astronema. Andros yelled, "What are you nuts?"
"No, but I'll be crazy to listen to you!" Diana said as she ran for Astronema.
"I don't think so, Purple Ranger," the other woman said as she raised her staff. Diana skidded to a stop and blinked. Oh no, she thought.

Just then she heard a gunshot and Astronema dropped to her knees holding her arm. Diana spun around to see Kyle walking towards them, lowering his gun. "I had to," he said.
"You know what Andros is gonna say? That was his sister you just shot!" Diana said. "But thanks anyway," she finished with a giggle. Then she ran for Athena and shoved Erica in the back seat. "Stay here," she instructed the blonde.
"No problem," Erica said peering out from between the seats.
Diana ran back out into the middl eof it just in time to see half a dozen Quantrons tackle Zhane. "Zhane!!" she yelled, running to help him.
"I'm fine!" the Silver Ranger said, fighting the Quantrons off. Diana pulled him to his feet and watched as Astronema and the Quantrons disappeared. "Is it over?" Athena asked. "I hope so," Diana said.