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SkyOne - Two Hours Later

"You have to WHAT?" Kyle Stewart couldn't believe what his wife of only four months was telling him. Diana nodded and said, "Andros told me that since you and I are married, you were the only one I could tell.."
"But..why?" Kyle asked, still not believing that Diana had been picked to be a Power Ranger.
"Because...Andros said he was watching us take out Hannah Ryan in Angel Grove." Diana grabbed Kyle's hand and said, "Kyle you have to promise not to breathe a word of it to anybody, ok?"
"I promise," Kyle said, pulling Diana into his arms to seal that promise with a kiss before she had to go. Then Diana raced down the corridor, stopping long enough to say hi to the cars then walked out to where Athena was parked out in the desert.
Looking up at the clear blue sky above her, Diana whispered, "I can't believe this is happening, Athena..."
"I can't either," Athena replied quietly. "I bet you think it's exciting."
"Oh girl you have no idea," Diana replied, as she climbed into the drivier's seat and drove off towards the rendezvous point Andros had told her to meet him at.

Twenty minutes later, Di slowed Athena to a stop and looked around. "Where are they?" she wondered, then jumped at a knock on the window. Looking up she saw a figure clad in silver. "You Diana?" he asked.
"Yeah," she replied.
"I'm Zhane..we gotta go..."
With that he raised his hand to hsis mouth and said, "Alpha, Diana and Athena made the rendezvous. Teleport now."
In a rush of energy, both Diana and Athena found themselves...on the spaceship from Diana's dream. "Wow," Diana said, looking around.
Zhane grabbed her arm and said, "I have to show you around...first off I"m gonna show you where your locker is ok?"
Diana nodded and let Zhane show her around.

Diana was putting her stuff in her locker when she heard a voice behind her.
"Hey." Diana turned around to see a young man dressed in black. "I'm Carlos."
"I'm Diana," she said, shaking his hand. Carlos nodded towards the pictures on the inside door of her locker and asked, "Who's he?"
"Oh those are pictures of me and my husband Kyle on our honeymoon in Jamaica," she explained. Carlos nodded and said , "How long ago did you get married?"
"Four months...on the Fourth of July," she said, then explained. "I used to be in the Marines and Kyle used to be in the CIA so we both decided that the Fourth of July would be the perfect day for the wedding...besides, who wouldn't want fireworks at their wedding?"
Carlos smiled and left Diana to her decorating, until Zhane's voice came over the loudspeakers.
"Diana, you're wanted on the bridge." Diana dropped what she was doing and ran for the bridge, where Zhane, Andros, Carlos, TJ(Blue Ranger), Ashley(Yellow Ranger), and Cassie(Pink Ranger) were waiting. "Let me see it," Diana said, running her fingers over the purple digimorpher in her pocket.
TJ hit the appropriate buttons and an image of a beautiful young woman with bright blue hair appeared on the viewscreen. "Hello, Diana," she said in a sickly-sweet voice. "I think I may have a friend of yours..." She stepped out of the way to reveal a young blonde woman with big blue eyes looking right at her.
"Erica..." Diana whispered.
"Diana whatever it is she wants you to do, don't do it!!!" Erica West said, before Astronema stepped back into view to say, "I want you to surrender your digimorpher and your car to me at these have 24 hours to make up your mind or the blonde dies."

Diana looked at the other Rangers in horror because deep in her heart, she knew Astronema was serious.

Diana sat down in a chair and sighed. "What do I do, guys?" she asked the other Rangers.
"I guess you just do it," TJ said. Diana almost threw her morpher at him. "I can't!" she yelled. "Erica's my best friend, I know I have to rescue her, but I'm not giving up my powers or Athena to get her back!" With that she sat back and started to sob her heart out.
"Don't sweat it, Di," Cassie said, giving the Purple Ranger a hug. "We'll rescue her."
"But how?" Diana asked. Athena broke in and said, "I have an idea..."
The seven Rangers settled down to see what Di's Thunderbird had to say.

"...and then after Di gives up the fake digimorpher, TJ goes in, grabs Erica, and gets her the hell out of there," Athena finished up a couple of minutes later. Diana, Andros, and Zhane looked at each other, because they were going to be the biggest part of this operation.

"Let's do it, guys."

That was all Diana said, but it was enough to get everybody moving.

California Desert

Diana, dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a big purple hair bow holding her hair back in a ponytail, sat on Athena's hood, and waited for Astronema to show up.
"You think she's gonna show?" Athena asked nervously.
"She has to," Diana said quietly, then saw a flash of light out of the corner of her eye. Looking up she saw Astronema walking towards her, dressed in a black leather body suit with short red hair. Damn, how often does she change her hair? Diana thought.
"So you brought your morpher and your car," Astronema said. Diana nodded, and said "Now where's Erica?"
"She's here...somewhere..." Astronema said. "Now hand over your stuff."
"Hand over Erica first," Diana snarled.
Astronema giggled. "Now why would I do that?" she said.
"Because if you don't you'll not only have the Rangers on your back, you'll have me too," a male voice from behind Diana said. The Purple Ranger spun around and gasped. "Kyle??" she said, shocked. Kyle was standing next to Dante, gun drawn, ready to fire if he had to.
"Kyle, she'll blow you and Dante halfway to Triforia and not even blink...I'll explain where THAT is later.." Diana said then turned back to Astronema and got out the fake digimorpher that she and Carlos had put together. "Here," she said, tossing it onto the ground.
She sighed and started walking away when she saw a blur of blue go over head. She spun around and saw TJ fly in on his Galaxy Glider and grab Erica from where she sat tied up on the sand. "Whoa!" Erica said. "Kat won't believe this!" TJ got Erica out of there as fast as he could while Diana pulled the real morpher out her pocket and said, "Dante we're gonna hafta delete this next bit out of your memory later! Let's Rocket!" She morphed and went after Astronema while Kyle, Dante, and Athena sat and watched.

Part Three: The Battle gets underway BIG TIME!