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SkyTwoA - November first 1998, 11:36 pm

Diana was having a weird dream, and she'd been having it ever since TKR2 had finished up their latest assignment, stopping an international bank robber in Angel Grove California.

Diana found herself roaming the empty halls of a spaceship, trying to find her way to the bridge. "Hello? she called. "Anybody there?"
She started when an alarm pierced the darkness and without warning, six doors opened. "Okay what's going on now?" one of the girls asked.
"Don't ask me," said the blonde guy in silver pajamas. Diana tried not to laugh but then realized she had something in her hand. Looking down, she saw a cell-phone-like device in her hand. It was a deep metallic purple, and Diana instinctively knew what it was for.
Just then the blonde grabbed her arm and said, "Diana, we gotta go!"
How did he know my name? she wondered, as she flipped open the device in her hand. "Ready?" she said to the blonde, and when he nodded, Diana said, "Let's rocket!" They both pressed the middle row of buttons, and in flashes of silver and purple light, they were wearing uniforms, silver for him, purple for her.
"Let's go," he said. Diana nodded, and they disappeared in matching streaks of light.

Diana woke up in a cold sweat and couldn't breathe. What was THAT? she thought. She couldn't relax enough to go back to sleep so she decided to go talk to her car Athena.
She pulled on her Bugs Bunny slippers, pulled her red nightrobe on over her pajamas, and wandered down to SkyTwoA's garage and made her way over to a silver Thunderbird parked in the corner. Climbing into the driver's seat, she said, "Hey sweetie, you awake?"
A picture of a sleepy Kate Winslet popped up on the monitor and a voice with a Greek accent said, "I am now. What's up?"
"I had the weirdest dream," Diana said, then launched into a detailed explanation, finishing up with, "What brought it on?"
"I don't know," Athena answered. "Maybe our last assignment?"
"Maybe..." Diana said.

Astro Megaship, Same Night

Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger, had just awakened from basically the same dream a beautiful ex-Marine had just had. What was that all about? he wondered as he wandered up to the bridge where his best friend Andros was still up, running scans on every sector of space he could think of.
When Andros saw his best friend, he said "Can't sleep?"
"Not after this dream I just had," Zhane said, then proceeded to explain everything. Andros listened quietly then said, "What did Diana look like?"
"About five-foot-seven, long curly brown hair, and I guess she had a friend named Athena 'cause that's who she was talking to when I damn near ran her over."
"Athena.." Andros said, trying to think. "Zhane remember when that government crime-fighting team was in Angel Grove a few days ago?"
"Yeah," Zhane said. Andros continued, "Athena was that silver Thunderbird TJ was wanting really bad, and Diana was her driver!"
"You sure?" Zhane asked.
"I've gotta be!" Andros said. Zhane sighed and said, "I didn't tell you the biggest part of it though..Diana was the Purple Ranger in my dream."
"Well I was wondering if you'd say that," Andros said with a grin.
"Why?" Zhane asked, as Andros reached into a recessed panel underneath his console and pulled something out. It looked exactly like Zhane's digimorpher but instead of silver it was a deep metallic purple.
"Oh my God," Zhane whispered. "That's it..that's what she had..."
"Well let's call her," Andros said, punching in the code for an audio message into DECA's system.

SkyTwoA, Next Morning

"Diana..wake up will you?" Diana's eyes fluttered open when she heard the voice of Aramis, the green Dodge Stratus parked next to Athena. "What do you want Aramis?" she said sleepily.
"Jake wants to see," said the image of Charlie Sheen on her commlink.
"Now?" she mumbled as she rubbed her eyes to wake up. "Yes, now," Aramis replied.
"Okay, okay I'm going.." Diana said, as she got out and tried to wake up again. then she walked up to the strategy room and walked in. "Damn I'm the only one not dressed," she said, looking around at the other team members. Jake Schuyller, the only person on the team higher ranked than Diana, said, "Right now I don't care, just sit down and listen to this message that came in last night for you."
Diana sat down and Jake pressed a button and a voice she'd only heard in her dreams echoed through the room.

"Diana...this is the Red Space Ranger..Meet me in Angel Grove Park in three hours. I need to speak to you....and bring Athena."

Diana looked up at the others. "How did he know?"
"About Athena?" asked Eric O'Neil. "Probably becuase when we were going after Hannah Ryan.."
"Aramis and Athena both picked him up on their sensors and didn't tell us?" Diana asked. Eric shrugged. "Athena more likely, but you know..."
"Can it, O'Neil," Diana said with a grin. Eric promptly shut up as Diana looked at the others. "Do I just go?" she asked nobody in particular.
Nhon Motoyoshi said, "I think you want to but you're too afraid to." Diana nodded and looked at Jake, whos aid, "Go, Di, I'll figure out how to cover for you."
"Thanks Jake I owe you big time for this," Diana said. Cindy Rhodes smiled and said, "If you see the Pink Ranger tell her hi for me?"
"I will," Diana said. Ara Beth Madison, the other new addition to the team, besides Eric, said, "I'm gonna miss you Di, even though it's not for good."
"Hey don't worry I'll find out what he wants, then i'll be back as soon as I can."
"Promise?" said Mike MacCallister.
"Yeah I promise," Diana giggled. "Have I ever broken a promise since I joined this team?"

Angel Grove Park - Three Hours Later

Diana parked Athena in the parking lot and walked towards a stand of trees next to the pond. She looked around and said, "Are you here?"
"You made it," a voice from the trees said as the Red Ranger stepped out from behind a redwood. "We need to talk."
"Obviously," Diana said. "So what did you want to see me about?"
Andros took a deep breath and said, "This.." handing her the device she's seen in her dream...same deep metallic purple color and all.
"What do I do with it?" Diana said, flipping it open, but then said, "Never mind I think I know." She whispered the words she remembered from her dream...

"Let's rocket.."

Then she looked at the keypad and went straight down the middle like in her dream. She finally reached the enter key and closed her eyes as she pressed it as hard as she could.
A strange sensation washed over her, and when she opened her eyes again, she found herself in the same purple uniform she'd dreamed about the night before.
"Cool," she said with a giggle. "But what about Athena? You told me to bring her so I did."
"Yeah," Andros replied. "She's got better sensors than any I've ever seen so we need her too."
"Good," said Athena over Diana's commlink. "I was wondering if anybody else was going to start appreciating me."
Diana giggled and said, "Where to?"
"Just press the teleport button on your morpher, it'll take you right there," Andros said.

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