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N Sync

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heart STATS:

Real Name:
JC, Chris, Lance, Justin and Joey
Like you don't already know *grin*
JC: August 8th; Chris: Oct. 17th; Lance: May 4th; Justin: Jan. 31st; Joey: Jan. 28th
Birth Place:

uhhhhh...I'd have to do a bit more reserach here *grin*
Contact Address:

heart How I started liking N Sync
It all started one day when I was at
work. I had just come back from my
afternoon break when "i want You Back"
came on the radio. All I had to do was
hear it once and I wass hooked! Since
then i've been to one concert, and I
have tickets to another, a t-shirt, 50
posters, a calendar, a necklace and
both CDs, not to mention a thing for
JC, Chris and Lance like you wouldn't
heart N Sync's Links
N Sync Official Site
This site rules, that's all I have to say
N Sync Backstage Pass

heart My favorite N Sync Songs(and why)

1.) Tearin Up My Heart - JC looks
extremely hot in the video for it, nuff

2.) The Only Gift(from their Christmas
album) - Lance has more of a solo on
this song then he did on the entire
first CD(two whole lines*grin*)!

3.) I Want You Back - The song that
started it all for me!

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