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The Video Store


Kate Jamison works here AND hangs out here

Kate handed the video to the young woman on the other side of the counter and sighed. "Dammit Dawson, where are you?" she muttered, wondering where her best friend was. Dawson Leery was her only guy best friend, but she didn't mind.

They'd met when Dawson was two and Kate was three, and they'd immediately hit it off. Even through the years when he supposedly hated girls, they were best friends. She'd always been there for him, even through the big fight Dawson's parents had had when his dad found out his mom had slept with another guy.

"Yo Kate!" A voice from the door made her look up. "It's about time, Dawson!" she said as the young man handed her the two videos he ha drented the night before. "So when are we going to go shoot that movie for your filmmaking class?"


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