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The Story That Starts It All

Part One: Athens, Greece, 1975

The five-year-old girl looked up at the seventeen-year-old in tears.

"You promised!" she cried, her hazel eyes brimming up with tears. The young man knelt down in front of her and said, "Diana, this is my big chance. Just remember, we'll be friends no matter what."

"Promise?" The little girl sniffled.


"Okay, Yanni, I guess I'll see you next summer or something." Diana sniffled again and ran to her mother Marina.

Diana Walker smiled as she remembered. She reached for her CD player and slid her Out of Silence CD in and relaxed on her bed and tried to take a nap.

Just then there was a knock on her door. "It's open," she called.

"Di?" It was Cindy Rhodes. "I uh...I have to tell you something, and why the hell Jake sent me to do it, I will never know."

Diana sat up. "What is it?"

Cindy sat down on the edge of Di's bed and said, "Diana...your dad...your dad died in a plane crash yesterday."

Diana sat there in shock. "He was gonna give me away when me and Kyle got married..." she whispered.

Cindy sat there, not knowing what to say while Diana tried not to cry.

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1) Diana moves to America and 2) she starts telling her life story to Erica, Xandra, Kyle and Mike
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