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TKR2 Story section

Well this is it...the section dedicated to my TKR2 character Diana Walker. She's half-Greek, has been Yanni's best friend since she was five, and is insanely in love with team one leader Kyle Stewart. (Of course he's in love with her too) Diana drives a silver Thunderbird named Athena(who's in love with Trek's motorcycle Plato). Diana and Athena are as close to sisters as a car and her driver can get.

Here's a pic of Diana:(look down people....)

See why Kyle likes her so much?

My Stories

Diana's back story
Purple Destiny
Diana becomes the Purple Ranger for the biggest mission of her life.
Independence Day
When Diana's kidnapped five days before her wedding it's up to everybody, including a couple of unsuspecting musicians to rescue her

For the reason I have this pic of Kate Winslet up...go here for the explanation.

This guy's motorcycle is my car's boyfriend.


okay okay...