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Imagine Kate Winslet with a Greek accent and a weird sense of humor...that's Athena, Diana Walker's silver Ford Thunderbird.

Hey I heard that! Anyway, hello and I'm Athena...I have been bugging my driver, Diana, and the girl that plays her, Kate for my own web page for months, so here it is. It isn't much right now, but trust me when Di and Kate get done with their PRIS/TKR2 crossover they'll be working on this one.

Oh, if you want to see the surprise I thought up for Diana, go here...I think she's gonna like it, I mean it IS a picture of her favoritest guy on the planet next to Yanni...

My scanners have picked up people in here

Stuff that's happening in Athena's Life

July 4th - Well it's finally gonna happen...Di and Kyle are getting married! It's taking place at Katie's mansion, and from what I heard, Di's scared to death!

Athena's Favorite Stuff

1. Plato(Trek's motorcycle)

2. Power Rangers in Space(see the crossover she gets to meet them and she almost ditches Plato for Andros!)

3. Working on her web page

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